Patricia Caplazi

Patricia Caplazi

Patricia Caplazi : Vocal

From Rock to Acid Jazz - Funk and Soul - Patricia loves music. She started to play the classical piano at the age of 9 and with 13 got into Jazz. Now ... she's a singer, composer and mixer.

At 18 Pat moved to Canada where she earned a degree in tone engineering and started to get more and more interested in singing. As she came back to Switzerland in 1992, she joined some experimental rock bands in Basel and went to Jazz school where she took singing and bass lessons. In the meantime she also worked on a project called Splits.

After this experience, Pat felt more and more drawn to Acid Jazz and Soul music and joined the Basler band "No Illusions" as a singer, then a few years later moved to the French part of Switzerland and joined INDIGO. On parallel she worked on her own album "Never Give Up" and sang with Melokaan, an Afro Funk group from Senegal.

In 2012-2013 she's part of BACK TO SOUL and sing on the album "in groove we trust".